About Us


Digibase Operations is an internally managed research and development organization and has no true board of directors or parent. We believe that those who we serve, the public should be the ones who tell us what directions we take. If you have any ideas for a project we may take on let us know

Mission and Principles

We are an organization that provides other organizations and individuals secure services, technologies and intelligence that may be otherwise out of reach or prohibitive due to cost. We operate solely for the public good and will always defend that public good.

Our Principles

We have a set of principles that we will always strive to uphold:

Be Secure and Reliable

We believe in security by intelligence — that being we prefer to be pre-emptive, rather than reactionary in our approach. We strive to design and implement our systems, services and technologies to be secure and reliable and shall always seek ways to improve in those areas as to better service and information available to our users and clients.

Protect Privacy

Everyone has a right to privacy and we shall defend that privacy — one's private data is their own always. We hold privacy in high esteem and will always keep data as secured as feasibly possible while on our systems. While utilizing our services, you're utilizing systems we own and operate, not outsourced to a third party, so you know who has access to your information that we hold.

Never Claim Perfection

We always know that as an organization we can improve our operations and administration and are not above looking to improve and grow. This includes improving security, our methodologies and how we approach our users and clients.