SPH Special Hosting

We are not a public web host, however we will provide hosting to select specialty sites, including public or community benefit initiatives, special projects and other similar sites. Applications for hosting are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

What we provide

We will supply a standard set of provisions for sites hosted, these resources may be negotiated in the event you may have a special project you need more resources for:

Disk Space
  • 8 GBytes (1024 MBytes)
Monthly Transfer
  • Unlimited (Within reason)
Database Access
  • 3 MySQL databases
You may suggest other database engines provided licensing said database servers do not require a paid contract
Login Facilities
  • FTP
  • phpmyadmin
Due to potential for abuse, we do not provide SSH access at this time
DNS Services
  • Custom domains - We are able to host records for custom domains.
Scripting Languages
  • PHP
  • Your website automatically receives the benefit of our research and development efforts, particularly in regards to anti-spam technologies


To obtain web hosting with us, your site must have the following qualifications prior to application:

  • The site must have a clear purpose
  • If it is a site for a project, the project should already have an established plan.
  • The site must have a direction it will proceed upon grant of space, "Under Construction" pages for over a reasonable period of time are unacceptable without reason.
  • Your site must operate within the terms of the Terms of Service, and more specifically the Web Hosting Terms of Service


To apply, contact hosting[at]digibase.ca with the following information:

  • Name (Monikers/alternate names are fine)
  • Organization (optional)
  • What the site's purpose is (required as this will allow us to determine if we can host you or not)
  • Domain or Subdomain requested (subdomains end in digibase.ca, you are responsible for registering custom domain names)
  • If you will need MySQL databases, note so (3 is the limit without special authorisation)
  • Any additional needs you may have