Special Thanks

Digibase Operations would have not been possible without the assistance of individuals and organizations alike, we would like to thank these for their great assistance.

Financial Donors - We couldn't have done it without you!

  • DaRai
  • Golen
  • Keiro Ituralde
  • Psyaryu
  • Reptaiin
  • Razlo
  • RingtailedFox
  • SonicVaan
  • Tristan Seifert
  • Zak


These organizations have provided Digibase Operations either directly or indirectly of various resources, support and information, we would like to thank these organizations:


Information and access to advanced computing systems for research as to develop our X9 Computer Core


Gentoo Foundation

Providing a solid operating system platform for critical systems

Gentoo Foundation

Cogeco Business Solutions

Providing Connectivity (IP) services and transit

Cogeco Cable


Rich Gast

Provided the typeface for our logo

GreyWolf WebWorks