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Welcome to Digibase Operations, we are a non-profit research and development organization of security and advanced computer systems. We are an organization devoted to helping the public good. We operate solely from donations.



Posted: 2018-05-18T03:59:12Z

We are always in need of funding to keep us moving our efforts forward and serving you, our associates, clients the greater Internet community. We're predominantly an organization that operationally is reliant upon donations from the public as to carry us forward given we're a for the public good initative. We find the advertising industry to be unethical and hence incompatible with our mission to provide secure and private services and to be able to service you, thus our decision not to use advertisements and to not provide private information to third parties.

However, over the recent month or so, our upstream provider has made some business decisions, these decisions have made operating for us a much more expensive thing at least in the short term and billing date changes have resulted in a problematic situation for us. We therefore are in desperate need more than ever for donations. We are investigating our options at this point.

To that end, if you could consider donating to us, we would thank you. You may donate via paypal or credit card securely through paypal by the "DONATE TO US" button to the left. We're gracious for any amount you can offer.

Thank you and Securely, — Kradorex Xeron,
Founder, Executive Director

18 Years of Keeping it Digitally Original

Posted: 2016-08-19T05:59:28Z

18 years ago today on 19 August 1998 our organization begun as a humble project, codenamed "The Sector Zero Project". We offered public FTP file sharing among people who asked for an account as to enable people to share files with one another in a safe environment. Our first "server" was a commodity off the shelf Pentium 2 350 running Windows 98.

Eventually we moved into web hosting and obviously upgraded in hardware later taking the name "Digibase Zero-One" ("Digital Base 01") around 2000-2001 it was a natural progression that we added onto our FTP services for those who requested, during this tenure we progressed into "Digibase Zero", then our current name. Now we've progressed also into an information security organization that helps provide stability and security to those small organizations that are unable to afford a full commercial service in this extremely expensive world. We also gained through our various efforts a high-accuracy time server that is part of the Offical NTP Pool, and operate an IRC server in tandem under our UCSN initiative that we started in 2010.

There's always been a common trend why we have done this: It's always been for the public benefit. We've never sold user or client information off in exchange for our services or adopted invasive, unaccountable advertising. We've never undertaken malicious operations or the like. We're here for our clients, associates (UCSN and otherwise) and our users.

It's staying that way.

Those who have donated to us at some point or another, be it once or many times: We couldn't have done it without you. You have our many thanks.

Let's see if we can make it to 20 and beyond.

— Kradorex Xeron,
Founder, Executive Director

A New Look...

Posted: 2016-05-22T11:03:51Z

We are pleased to be announcing our transition to a new logo that preserves our historical angular style, while bringing a modern, futuristic, looking forward feel. The design is heavily influenced by a chevron arrow style that moves your eyes across the logo in a single sweep, emphasizing efficiency and progession, while maintaining a strong, striking look that can fit any application. The new design emphasizes the "Operations" text as it moves it from the bottom in a small space up to having a greater presence.

The new style has three general forms:



DBO "Lock":
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Announcement Poster:

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