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Welcome to Digibase Operations, we are a non-profit research and development organization of security and advanced computer systems. We are an organization devoted to helping the public good. We operate solely from donations.


A New Look...

Posted: 2016-05-22T11:03:51Z

We are pleased to be announcing our transition to a new logo that preserves our historical angular style, while bringing a modern, futuristic, looking forward feel. The design is heavily influenced by a chevron arrow style that moves your eyes across the logo in a single sweep, emphasizing efficiency and progession, while maintaining a strong, striking look that can fit any application. The new design emphasizes the "Operations" text as it moves it from the bottom in a small space up to having a greater presence.

The new style has three general forms:



DBO "Lock":
At the top left of this article.

Announcement Poster:

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Operational Status


IRC Registry Services Instability

Ticket CT-0000090 • High Priority
Last updated: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 05:24:01 -0400

IRC registration services have encountered issues of stability at this time. The services are unexpectedly terminating their session with our IRC server. This is resulting in outages of ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ and associated.

Possible causes are under investigation.

Affected system(s)/service(s):

Security Advisories