Our Projects

As a research and development organization, Digibase Operations has various projects it oversees, an overview of our projects is seen below:

Ongoing Projects

X9 Computer Core - Extensible Computer System (ECS)

Project lifespan: 2001-present
Our X9 Computer Core is our mainframe that we have developed and deployed in-house. This system is optimised for our purposes and is developed with a foundation of scalability in mind. This system is currently configured with 3 different types of processors: a CP (Central Processor), ACPs (Auxiliary Compute Processors) and ADPs (Auxiliary Data Processors).

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Latency Monitoring/Latency Looking Glass

Project lifespan: June 2014-present
On the Internet today, there are many services across many points using many protocols. It is often critical to be able to be aware of issues if a service becomes unreachable or domain name resolution is not possible. We therefore have spearheaded a latency monitoring service for those points, we are accepting organizations who have public or semi-public services (HTTP or other) to utilize our service, if you would like us to monitor your services, contact us and we can see if our monitoring is right for you. Individuals may also utilize our services to determine if websites they utilize are operational or if there are issues and for how long.

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Anti-Spam technologies

Project lifespan: January 2009-present
Like email, spam has also become very prevalent among many websites, we believe that website operators and forum administrators need other methodologies to combat these spam methods. Among these technologies we provide a blacklist for public usage. If you are interested in our other methodologies, contact us.

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